2. How do I use Fadiesis?

Using Fadiesis is extremely simple:

  1. search for a song
  2. import it and modify it
  3. print it

that's all!

Search for a song

Looking for a song is very simple.

There is a large search box on the homepage as soon as you land on the website; or a box will appear by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right corner, available on any page of the website.

Write the title of the song you want to search (and, if the search should be too large, include the name of the artist) and press "Enter", you will be immediately redirected to the search page that will try to find the song on all supported foreign websites.

If the song is available on the Fadiesis website itself you will find it at the top, on the blue band. If the song was found on external websites, you will find a row for each result. Click on the row that matches your search to open the result page for that song.

Import and edit

Importing and editing a song in Fadiesis is very simple: in the page showing the source website where the song was found, you will find gray button in the top bar that activates after a few seconds. Just click on that button and you will be redirected to the edit page after Fadiesis has imported the song from the external source website for you.

At this point you can edit the song as you normally would, so you can:

  • add, delete or move the chords
  • modify the chords
  • add annotations
  • change the text
  • activate the autoscroll to play the song on-the-fly
  • and (if you have a Fadiesis account, else do it, it's completely free) save the changes in your personal songs collection
  • and more.

Print the song

So, once you've finished editing, print the score on paper (or PDF if you have a virtual PDF printer installed), with a well-formatted and readable printing layout!

Aren't you an instrumentalist but just a singer? No problem, hide the chords and print the song with only the lyrics and annotations with one click!

We invite you to try the printing feature, it's really cool! (I usually make use of it!)

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