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You search the song by its title.

The search is performed in the local song archive of It is an archive of lyrics and chords double checked by our staff, therefore particularly accurate.

The search will show you the results page, and there, if any, at the top you will find the results in first.

Lista dei risultati EN

It could happen, and it is also quite common actually given the amount of existing songs, that the sought song is not among the verified songs of do not despair! This is where you see this service stand over the competitors.

Immediately below, in the results screen, you will find the results of the search from websites outside You understood well! This powerful search engine allows you to automatically check if the song you are looking for is on some other website that provides lyrics and chords of song, beyond

You will find these results grouped by site.

NOTE: to give equal opportunities, the order of the sites will be random for each search.

Lista risultati da siti esterni

Search feature from external websites don't always goes straight to the point, but again here saves you time by filtering the results it deems most reliable for your search.

All the results that are considered irrelevant are however available in the "More results" drop-down menu.

Lista altri risultati

At this point click on the result that matches your search. You will be taken to the display page of the external site where found the song.

Frame sul sito esterno

Warning: you are still on! In fact, what you see is only a "viewport" on the external site (note the header and footer of At this point you have two options:

1 - Click on the logo to visit the original page directly on the external site (and leave

Vai al sito esterno

2 - Click on the button (self-activated after a few seconds) to import the song from the external site and modify it using

Modifica la partitura

Yes, you got it right: it is possible to import the song from the external site automatically! Allowing you to modify it using all the functions provided by

To have the best user-experience on our site, we recommend that you use this feature!

And now get comfortable that perhaps the funniest part comes, the editing tool! Let's go to the next chapter.

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