1. What is FaDiesis

FaDiesis is a tool for musicians, ideated and created by a musician.

I play piano and keyboards (and I'm a software developer), thus I know pretty much what's about musicians requirements.

I'm not one of those who are able to find the chords that compose a song at first try. Just like I cannot transpose the songs on the fly while reading, to play them in another key. So I need to read the chords that I have to play while performing a song.

Do you know the usual workflow adopted to gather and play a new song?

  1. you search lyrics and chords on a website, but that website is flooded of banners and make it impossible to surf;
  2. you search on another website, but when you try to copy the score...oops! It's charged!
  3. you search on another website then...you get to find the chords you need;
  4. copy and paste on a new Word document;
  5. now starts the long and boring formatting process: remove links and weird chars, bold up chords and thick down lyric rows, spacing between chords...in short, this takes about one hour to do this;
  6. OK, let's try to play it on the original song...hey, but it's on another key!!
  7. once you find the trasposition delta, you start transposing all the song: so every single chord i re-written correctly. This process takes about half past an hour too usualy.
  8. try it again, OK. Print and done.

Fine. FaDiesis lives right to ease this procedure! How does it work?:

  1. you search for the title of the song through the search box on the top of the website;
  2. if it exists locally you can open that one, otherwise you can open one of the matches found through out the net search performed by the system;
  3. if required, FaDiesis can import lyrics and chords and clears them up;
  4. the score is ready: you can play it on the fly (using the auto-scroll function) or print it as bare lyrics or mix of lyrics and chords;
  5. if the key is not the right one, all you need is one click to transpose it all of half-step!

This is FaDiesis! A tool that is powerful, fast and, most important, absolutely free of charge!

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