What is FaDiesis.com

Fadiesis.com è per i musicisti

FaDiesis.com is the tool created by a musician for musicians.

My name is Niki, I come from Italy, and I am a professional programmer. Besides that, I am also a pianist and keyboard player, so I know the needs of musicians quite well.

Unfortunately, I am not part of that group of people who are able to find the chords of a song at the first try, also I cannot transpose the songs on the fly as I read them to play them in another key; therefore I need to read the chords that I have to play during the performance.

Questa è la vita solita incasinata

Questo non è proprio il modo

You know the usual procedure for playing a new song, don't you?

  1. you search for lyrics and chords on a website, but that website is flooded with banners and hangs;
  2. you search on another website, but when you try to copy the score...oops! It's charged!
  3. at last, on a further website, you get to find the chords you need;
  4. copy and paste on a new Word document;
  5. now starts the long and boring formatting process: remove links and weird chars, bold up chords and thick down lyric rows, spacing between chords...in short, this takes about one hour to do this;
  6. OK, let's try to play it on the original song...hey, but it's on another key!!
  7. once you find the trasposition delta, you start transposing all the song: so you replace every single chord with the correct one. This process takes about half past an hour too usualy, even using "Search and replace" feature.
  8. try it again, OK. Print and done.

Fadiesis.com è lo strumento giusto

Questo è il modo giusto

Fine, FaDiesis.com's purpose is to ease all this! How does it work?:

  1. you search for the title of the song through the search box on the top of the website;
  2. the song could exist clean and ready in the archive of Fadiesis.com, or it is possible to import it from supported external sites;
  3. the score is ready to be transported, modified, played, printed, and so on.

This is FaDiesis.com! A tool that is powerful, fast and, most important, absolutely free of charge!

(Fadiesis.com supports itself with banner revenue, so please avoid using banner blocking tools - Total AdBlocker, AdBlock plus, Ghostery, etc.)

More? OK, so just head up to the next article and begin to dive into it!

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