Finally the launch! With MANY news

Loyal users, it's been a long time since this ambitious project was born in 2016. So many improvements and corrections since then, and now it's time to make the big leap!

What you've been using so far was a Beta version, a long test that served to understand where the issues were and to deal with them. Thanks to your use and your valuable feedback, we have been able to improve and improve. We will never thank you enough. Thanks!

Now we believe that we have reached a sufficient level of maturity to try to make the big jump and try to reach as many users as possible. The ideas are really many, many of which we can swear exalting, (modification on pentagram, to name one?) but to be able to realize them it takes hours of development. In order to support these hours, must be able to increase its number of users.

For the moment you are about a hundred, but we believe that, with the right promotion and a generous word of mouth from you, we will be able to overcome the thousand registrations. This is our goal. Once this is achieved, you can really start to see start to shine and publish ever more advanced functions and increasingly fun and efficient workflows. Also because we cannot hide you that we can't wait to make available the ideas we have in mind! :)

We will soon be opening a dedicated YouTube account. We will begin to publish video-guides on how to use the website tools in the best way, in order to fully explain all the features it is capable of. You will begin to see us around and, thanks above all to your affection, you will make us grow and you will grow together with us.

To inaugurate the launch we made several fixes and implemented several functions:

  • corrected the major/minor toggle of the key pitch
  • corrected the display of the GuitarTab frame
  • now also the modification of the chords puts them among the recent chords in the editor (previously only the creation did)
  • mobile editor navigation made more usable
  • fixed the position of the mini-commands of the lines on the mobile device, they are now displayed and reachable
  • search results are now sorted to try to put more relevant results higher
  • fixed editing of lines of lyrics that now no longer make the text disappear when you bring them above with backspace
  • for greater readability the part with the slash is automatically cut from the chords of the imported scores
  • improved the recognition of chords in imported scores, so now it is more difficult that you can find unrecognized chords (and which are therefore not editable)
  • fixed collision between the chords (and between the notes) after they have been modified and have changed their text length
  • (HOT) now breaking the line with "Invìo" or bringing it back up with "Backspace",also brings up the chords along with the lyrics
  • improved chords positioning on mobile devices
  • we implemented the "cover" relationship between the songs, so the songs will report their "covers" on the page, as well as the "covers" will indicate which song they started from (applies only to the songs of the local FaDiesis archive, not for imported ones)
  • (HOT) you can now apply for your scores to be published in the public archive of, reporting your name as credit in the form
  • now it is possible to copy the verified scores from the local archive to your personal archive (therefore not only the imported songs)
  • we have added at the foot of each page a small non-invasive form that allows you to report anything wrong you notice in the page you are viewing, use it fear-lessly :)
  • improved filtering relevant results from Accordi&Spartiti
  • now logging in successfully will take you back to the page you were on previously instead of relentlessly take you to the homepage
  • some adjustments on the GDPR dialog, now it should show less "wildly"
  • in the "Add new artist" form, clicking on an existing one will take you back to the song edit page, automatically selecting the artist you have chosen
  • fixed the generation of multilingual pages that used to create artifacts with links that jumped from one language to another randomly
  • improved search counting to make "trending" searches and podiums on the homepage more reliable

Much work. And we have the same amount in mind. Come on, let's head to the top, all of us, together!

Have a nice music.

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