Introducing EagleEye

Ok, it is with effervescent emotion that we communicate the implementation of a new cutting-edge feature that you probably haven't seen on any other website: the Eagle Eye.

It is a powerful TechNyquist home production, which allows you to view the overview of a web page. Still it is not real-time due to the cost of its render, but it is working on that.

You can find it on any score page (for example this one) on the right, a tab drawing an eagle that slides out when the mouse hovers it. Activating it you will get an overview of the entire score, and you can move freely around the score by clicking on any point on the overview.

It is an experimental feature and is currently available only on desktops, so we would like to know what you think about it, if you use it and whether you find it useful or not. Thank you!

Have a nice music on!

PS: TechNyquist plans to publish the Eagle Eye source code on its website ( following its scheduled redesign. Stay tuned!

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