Added news bar in homepage

We felt it was advisable to notify all FaDiesis users, especially those who love us already, about the progress of the works on the website.

There are as many issue to fix as features to implement, so we added a slideshow at the top of the homepage that briefly shows the latest news and additions that have been implemented on FaDiesis.

Many of the improvements come from analyzing analytics data, but most come from feedback that users give us. Your opinion on the usability of the website is crucial, because it allows us a direct feedback and allows us to hit the point, knowing that we are doing something pleasant. So if you have something to say do not hesitate and let us know in the feedback page, as other users have already done (by the way: thank you!).

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Privacy Consent

Dear user I steal you only one minute,

as you well know, the Internet is changing, it is evolving. As the possibilities increase, responsibilities increase.

Following the approval of the European GDPR, Internet privacy management is no longer the same.
And it is right that it is so.
As staff of FaDiesis we are required to declare what we do with your browsing cookies.

Well, we use them for the following reasons:

If you want to know exactly what Google will do with your data you can take a look here.

Now, the monitoring of the navigation does not hold any of your personal data (the IP is recorded anonymously), so it is an anonymous form of statistics.
As for the reserved area, this is an essential function for the operation of the site: avoid registration if you do not want us to use cookies for this.
As far as the ads are concerned, you can choose to avoid personalized ads. Note: If you disable the following option,ads will still be shown, only they will be generic and not relevant to your interests.

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